Great for the women who

  • are ready to go on an expansive journey with an intuitive witch who intends to see them step confidently into their innate power (it’s time to say goodbye to the witch wound & expand in your experiences, relationships, purpose, gifts) 
  • are called to experience 1:1 rituals with me (curated just for you, based on your path) 
  • feel pulled to energy expansion healing (did someone say cord cutting, clearing trapped emotions, oracle messages, Reiki, fire magick, shielding...) 
  • are ready for so much more woo in their life (yes, I will talk to my spirit guides on our calls :-) )
  • thrive with 1:1 support (4 calls per month + weekly vm support) 
  • are so ready to go within and reclaim their magick right now (It is already within you and I will help you remember)

Limited Availability - Currently accepting applications

Start your Journey

Ideal for

  • those who want to receive the experience (the sensations and to go on a journey, receiving the energy healing) 
  • cutting cords, clearing trapped emotions, grounding, healing Reiki, Chakra balancing (techniques based on what you are currently needing to best support you) 
  • intuitive oracle messages/spiritual guidance 
  • connecting with me via zoom for 75 minutes  
  • clearing away stagnation and blocks (it is time to make space for your dreams) 
  • experiencing a safe space to release (we are live together the entire time and you are supported both by me and my spirit guides, as well as yours)
  • resetting and realigning your body, mind and spirit to propel you forward on your healing journey. 
  • A beautiful self love practice and the energy of receiving is so potent!  


Limited availability monthly


Experience the Magick

Perfect for


  • women who want to experience this magick with their closest friends at their fave place! 
  • hosting a unique and expansive experience 
  • creating deeper connections with your nearest and dearest (healing together is powerful) 
  • ladies nights, baby showers, birthday parties (filled with love, connection and magick) 
  • the spiritual bachelorette party (have an amazing time, no hangover needed) 
  • full/new moon magick 
  • an addition to a retreat package (I will come to your retreat to host a circle or ritual) 
  • those local to the midwest (though open for travel as well) 


this is open for groups of 6+ women - I come to you for your private event - Prices Vary

Experience the Magick