Ritual Magick for the Women Ready to Live Their Most Magickal AF Life!

Nice to meet you!

Hi! I’m Kelly - The Earth and Spirit Witch. And I believe you are f*cking magickal.

As an intuitive ritual queen and witchy witch,  I am on a mission to support you in reclaiming all that you are  Your power, your joy, your magick, your sadness, your dreams, your shadows. 

It lights me up seeing women reclaim their innate connection to Earth, spirit, their intuition, cycles.

AND to see them step fully into their POWER. 

You are welcome here. 

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This 12 week ritual journey is jam packed with all things ritual magick, energy healing and witchdom. If you are ready to choose you and expand beyond your wildest dreams, get on the waitlist!



For witches who desire to go all in on their dream life. With 1:1 support from me, release the stagnation, limiting beliefs and fears holding you back from showing up in your full power.  

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Kelly provided me with such loving support during a period of substantial change and upheaval in my life. When we started working together, I was so anxious about my future. I felt completely unsure of where I stood in regards to major life decisions, and I was also conflicted about expressing my true feelings to those closest to me. Through a combination of energy work and open heart-to-heart dialogue, we pinpointed the blockages, resistance, and fears that were holding me back from being my most authentic version of myself in day-to-day life. Every session left me feeling lighter through increased clarity and confidence. If you have the opportunity to participate in any of Kelly's offerings, I highly recommend her! I can't emphasize how much her grounded energy, sense of humor, empathic gifts, and deep connection to her spirit guides helped me at a time when I needed support the most. 

Kelly’s energy work session was amazing! We were at a distance, but she made me feel super calm and grounded while she did all the work. I felt a lot shift throughout the session and felt so much lighter by the end of it! I would definitely recommend to everyone! - M.D.

“I am so grateful to Kelly for organizing these opportunities to connect with other open hearted souls. I love her encouragement and positivity during all of the events that she hosts!” - M.T. 

 Even in the virtual environment (where interpersonal connection can be challenging), Kelly is skilled at creating a warm, inviting space for everyone in the circle to reflect on their own journey, support one another, process feelings, and celebrate successes. She sets an open, heart-centered tone for the session, allowing space for everyone to share whatever they feel called to share. The communal experience that Kelly facilitates is so healing! I have truly enjoyed participating in her virtual circles. - A.B.

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