#30: The Joy and Art of Conscious Copywriting with Adrienne Bocci-Barrett

Adrienne Bocci-Barrett (She/Her) joins me today to talk about conscious copy writing! And we dive in deep, talking about what copywriting is and what makes conscious copywriting different.

We have an open and raw conversation about ethical content creation in the digital age and how AI is affecting that. Money of course comes up in this conversation, as we talk about marketing and ethical copy versus gross sales tactics. We discuss being spiritual and heart centered business owners, who are not just after the bottom line. We do not just want to make a sale, we are calling in genuine connections and soul aligned clients.

 If you are a spiritual or heart centered business owner, then this is definitely for you! If you have ever been interested in what a copywriter does and what copy even is, Adrienne has this covered.

Adrienne is a singer-songwriter, conscious copywriter, and seeker of adventures big & small. She is the owner of Joyarts Copywriting, providing heart-centered and authentic copy for spiritual businesses.  Adrienne loves yoga, dancing, meditation, and following her intuition. She currently lives in Portland, OR.

Find out more at https://www.joyartscopy.com/ 

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Copywriting was something I had a lot of questions about for a long time! I questioned the ethics of it, confused by what it fully was and how it worked. I am currently a client of Adrienne's and I LOVE working with her. So it is so wonderful to have her on the podcast for this chat. We ended up diving a bit deeper into AI, Chat GPT and the ethics of both copywriting and using AI that I expected. Of course that could have been an entire episode on its own. I knew the episode would flow, and it did. If you have any questions for either of us, please reach out. 

Thank you for tuning in!! 



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