#29: Mini Episode: Let Me Be Your Hype Woman for 5 minutes

Hi Everyone! I was inspired to complete this 5 minute mini episode full of encouragement and love for all that you are. Www.theearthandspiritwitch.com Transcript: Hi, everyone, thank you for hopping on today. This episode is a mini episode. It's a solo episode, I just wanted to hop on here. Because lately I people have said to me, you know, like, I don't feel like I have any gifts, or all these people are more interesting than me or I've been having a lot of impostor syndrome come up. all of these things where it's like, in there, it's all women saying these things, where it's like, they don't feel good enough to do what they're doing. A lot of them are entrepreneurs and amazing, incredible business owners, heart centered business owners. And I've I've definitely been there and sometimes I'm still there. where I get into that, like, Am I allowed to talk about this? Am I being understood? Is this comfortable? Is this really what I want to do? You know, I asked myself all these questions or, you know, am I not expert or not to talk about this, like, these different things? You know, and I think that it is, it's okay to ask these questions, of course. Excuse me, but where we don't want to get stuck is we don't want to get stuck in that question. We also don't want to get stuck in our limiting belief answers, you know, that tells us our ego that's telling us, you know, I'm not interesting enough, like, I'm comparing and despairing myself to other people, or I'm not where they are, so am I failing. And like, I just right now, I just want to be your hype woman, please just let me be your hype woman for just just like two minutes, you are incredible. You have so many gifts to offer the world you are amazing, and so special and so unique, like truly like you are. And when we can clear away these beliefs, when we can clear away society, we can when we can clear away all this baggage that we have picked up telling us that we are not. And we can clear that away, we can just really get true with ourselves. And we can love ourselves for all that we are that the lightness, the shadows, but the joy, the pain, because we are humans, we are having a human experience and things are going to be challenging, but things also get to define and they get to be full of love and full of joy. And we get to love ourselves like this is our this is our birthright, we get to love ourselves. And that means you get to love yourself. And if you have friends and you're hyping them up, and you think that they're amazing and incredible, and you see all these amazing things inside of them. You have that inside of you as well. And, and I I just implore you to do what you can to shift those beliefs. And, of course, like, there are so many things you can do to start clearing and start releasing. But really, it just comes down to like, if you can come back to your center, like, you know what's true. And what's true is you are amazing, right? But we've just been been filled with all these I'm just gonna call it lies and also just pressure and especially like as as women, perfectionism, there's just myth of having to be perfect at everything we do. And, and if we don't, we're failures. Like that's, that's all I you know. And I just really, I'm coming on here today just to say like, in response to all these things I've been hearing, you know, and people tell me and also because I've felt these things as well, I have felt all these things. You're awesome. You are amazing. Please like just go through your day, like knowing that you're so incredible. No matter where you're at on your journey, no matter no matter what you've accepted, or what you've moved through, or what you've experienced, like, you're an amazing person. And you are so worthy. You are so so enough, and you are all ready, whole, you are already whole. I know that I believe that I'm sending you so much love. And I just really appreciate you being here, listening but also I appreciate you being here for yourself. We need just more people in the world just showing up for themselves. And when we heal ourselves, like we are actually healing the collective when we love ourselves, we are putting love out into the world. When we can accept ourselves where we're at. We're just accepting other people for who they are. There's, there's so many gifts that come with like looking within and just accepting who we are and and we can always change and we're always expanding no matter if we're actively trying to or not like you're just so worthy of everything that you desire and you you truly have so much to offer the world and and you have so much to offer yourself. And I just, I just love you guys. And I truly just wish you, I just wish you everything that you could ever possibly want. And I just want you to experience everything that your soul signed up to experience in this life. And I just want you to think about, I don't want you to give up on yourself so many times, like I have wanted to give up I have known I'm not giving up. I'm not giving up and and I just had to keep going even when it's really hard. And sometimes I stopped or stagnate. But it's like I'm going to keep going. I know I'm going to keep going. And I just really want you to know that too. All right. Stay tuned because there are some really special things coming in 2024 and I'm just really excited to share them with you. Thank you so much for being here today. If you feel like you'd like to connect further with me, you can find me at the earthing spirit which on Instagram or at my website, the earth and spirit which.com I would love to say hi, sending you so much joy and so many blessings. Until next time