#28: Leaning into Body Neutrality and Positivity with Marcus Downs

Trigger warning on this episode as Marcus Downs and I dive into societal norms about bodies. This includes discussion on disordered eating, weight, abilities, chronic pain, etc.

On this episode of the A Nourishing Place Podcast, Marcus and I are chatting about our experiences in learning to love our body where it is at in the moment; leaning into body neutrality and positivity. We will both be asking questions as we dive into this topic, sharing some of our personal stories on the way. Some of the topics we discuss are nakedness, disordered eating, bodies abilities, physical pain, shame triggers, exercising, fat phobia, mindful practices, and what we see growing up.

Marcus is a gay, spiritual, empathic healer. He is an oncology nurse, cofounder of Impactful Introspection (@impactful_introspection), and reiki healer. His core values are growth and love; he geeks out on holistic wellness, books, and queer joy; and he hopes to help others unlearn, heal, and become the best versions of themselves. This is Part 2 with Marcus Downs! Be sure to check out episode 25 with him as well! 

Thank you for diving into this episode with us! Look forward to connecting with you! https://www.instagram.com/impactful_introspection/