#26: Getting Started with Oracle Decks

On this solo episode of the A Nourishing Place Podcast, I jump into how I got started working with the energy of oracle decks and share how it has evolved over the years. This episode is both a bit of my personal story and also gives you actionable steps to start working and connecting more with spirit through oracle deck wisdom and energy. I am a firm believer than anyone can connect with spirit through oracle decks and that the connection does shift and expand over time. How I read and channel now is different from when I first started. Oracle readings have supported me through some darker times in my life, especially those moments where I couldn't gain clarity from spirit without the decks. Oracle cards are such a beautiful supportive spiritual practice. It helps to expand our intuition and deep connection, give us insight and messages. I am an oracle reader for others as well and I have 2 offers using oracle decks available.