#25: Embracing Queerness: From Shame to Embodiment with Marcus Downs

TW: Derogatory language, homophobia, family and religious trauma

On this episode of the A Nourishing Place Podcast, I have Marcus Downs with me. Marcus is a gay, spiritual, empathic healer. He is also an oncology nurse, cofounder of Impactful Introspection, and reiki healer. His core values are growth and love; he geeks out on holistic wellness, books, and queer joy. He helps others unlearn, heal, and become the best versions of themselves. 

Being raised deep in the Christian faith in rural Indiana, Marcus knew he was interested in boys from around the 4th grade and felt something must be wrong. During this episode you will hear Marcus share his story of releasing the shame around being gay, navigating the Christian faith, society and family telling him that being gay meant he was going to hell. Then he shares with us his experience unlearning the Christianity he was taught and leaning into who he is, loving himself and expanding into spirituality.  

I admire Marcus showing up and sharing his story with us. It was an honor and a joy holding space for his experience. 

Connect with Marcus here: https://www.instagram.com/impactful_introspection/

The Brene Brown book I gave to Marcus when he was a teen:

I Thought it was Just me, but it Isn't - Making the Journey from What Will People Think? to I am Enough