#22: My Past Life Regression Experience, Part 2 with Thalia ST Louis

Trigger Warning: In this episode we talk about suicide, fire, death. 

Thalia and I go through a particularly challenging experience for me in my first past life regression. We share the experience both from the regression guide and the person experiencing the past life.

 This was something that I did not initially know I would share and I am grate that I am. It was such a tender, raw experience for me. Shaking me at my core and leaving me feeling grief and so much more. 

This experience helped me so much to open, release and heal long long tended wounds. And I was so grateful to have the post regression healing reiki session to deepen this experience. 

If you are curious about someones regression experience, I invite you to dive in, knowing that all regressions are different and this is simply one experience of one part of my regression. 

Thalia is an Open Channel and New Earth Ascension Guide and she has created different methods since 2014 that help support and customize the healing needs for each client in her 1:1 work.

Thalia uses methods of Channeling, Tarot and now the creator of Ascension Reiki & Soul Memory Method for Past Life Regression or Past Life Readings. (The 2 paths she dives deeper into the episode that she uses to support her clients on this journey!) 

After Thalia had a curiosity and calling for reincarnation at the young age of 15, it took her a few years later to travel to Rishikesh, India where she unexpectedly had her first phenomenon with her own Past Life Vision that visited. Since then, her third eye and channel had extended these visions to others specializing with Past Lives. 

Thalia blends and balances her services with methods to have clients receive soul information when needed or holds space for the opportunity for others to experience their own Light Body and Soul History. 

You can find Thalia on Instagram  or at her website!!



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