#17: Manifestation & Your Unique Connection with the Universe with Allison Carver

Allison Carver and I have a fun, light hearted conversation about intentional manifestation. We cover manifesting with your human design (specific versus non-specific and passive versus active), vision boards, getting into the feelings, embodying the best version of you, healing and release work within manifestation and more. Allison carver is a licensed therapist who in 2019 traded in her traditional private practice for a spiritual practice instead. She is a modern day manifestation and money mindset expert and years of experience supporting others in learning about the power of manifestation so they can manifest their best life. She is also a blogger and YouTuber - with a new blog coming out soon!! She is a certified EFT, meditation and hypnotherapy practitioner as well.

Connect with Allison:

Instagram: @manifestationsociety