#15: A Closer Look at Mercury, Venus & Mars with Astrologer Alli Jordan

On this episode Astrologer Alli Jordan and I have a fun conversation about Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as what retrogrades are and how they affect us. Alli also looks over my chart and dives deeper into conjunctions and Chiron. Alli is the founding Astrologer of Al-strology Reports LLC, an RYT 200 yoga teacher, and host of the Mystic & Holistic Podcast. Her mission is to provide a modern understanding of what astrology is and educate people on how they can integrate mystic and holistic practices into their daily lives. Alli is astrologically skilled in Birth Chart Readings, Transit Readings, & Astrocartography. In her personal life, Alli enjoys spending time with her fiance, 2 cats, and loved ones, reading, hiking, dancing, and traveling. Most likely to be found surrounded by a pile of books!


Alli's website is https://www.alstrologyreports.com and you can connect with her on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/alstrologyreports/