#11 - The Heart Centered Business with Lily Sais - Money, creating Balance, coming into alignment & listening to your inner wisdom

Wow!! We dive deep into the heart centered business and a huge focus on this episode is about money, marketing, creating offers and what to charge. We also talk about finding balance with your business and life outside of that, as well is rituals to help you transition from one to the other. There is a question also devoted to resources to help you on your journey with your business, wherever you are!! Great to have you here! 

Lily Sais, my guest for today and an incredible heart-centered business owner, is a former lead school psychologist, now a full time mental health practitioner with a passion for helping people with anxiety. She struggled with anxiety, panic, & OCD for years and felt broken because she was trying so hard & nothing seemed to work long term. Her life changed when she started to take my thinking less seriously, gave her intellect a break and learned about the three principles understanding. She realized her default is peacefulness, not anxiousness. She is passionate about helping people reconnect to their natural peace of mind, resiliency, and wellbeing through sharing the principles.

Such an absolute pleasure to have Lily on for a 3rd time. Check out my other episodes with her for more!! 

Lily's website is https://www.peace-from-within.com/about and she is also on instagram and TikTok!