#10: Integrating Polarities, A Beautiful Conversation with Intuitive Astrologer, Nura Rachelle

Wow! We discuss a lot in this gorgeous, unstructured episode. Flowing between current astrological transits, nodal axis points, elements within our chart, embodying the divine feminine and divine masculine, the healing journey, Venus, AND SO MUCH MORE. We even touch on human design haha. And then we come back to astrology time and time again. Such a joy to have this discussion with Nura. Grab and pen and some paper, or pull up your chart and jump in. 

Nura Rachelle is an intuitive astrologer who draws from many knowledge branches including evolutionary, esoteric and traditional western methods for deepening self-awareness and dancing with the celestial flow. She integrates energy healing, yogic principles and intuitive skill-building in her consulting and educational work. Embodiment of purpose and everyday soul realization is at the core of Nura’s offerings, and her focus on simplicity and daily ritual grounds cosmic wisdom in clarity of action. 

Find Nura on https://nurarachelle.com and @nurarachelle on Instagram