#8 - Panel Discussion: Menstrual/Inner Cycle Experiences with Adrienne and Britain

This episode is a panel with three women sharing their experience with their inner/menstruation cycle starting with their initial experience with their bleed. Guests on todays episode are

Adrienne Bocci-Barrett (she/her) is a singer-songwriter, spiritual copywriter, and seeker of adventures big & small. She loves yoga, dancing, medication, and following her intuition. She currently lives in Buda,TX.

Website: iennelynn.com  


Britain Ganta. Britain is a woman, mother of three, liver of life, teacher, and student. She has always had a thirst and drive for understanding and truth; gravitating towards psychology, spirituality, and all that helps navigate this tragically beautiful world. Fascinated and intrigued by the way the body, mind, and spirit can heal; she studied psychology and occupational therapy in college. Grateful to be on this beautiful journey of life and evolution. 

It was a joy to have both of these women on the podcast and be a participant in this panel. 

(None of us are doctors, nothing we say in this episode is intended to diagnose or treat any issues. None of this is medical advice. These are our personal experiences. If you are experience issues with your cycle, it is recommended to see a doctor or professional)

Questions we answer:

What did it feel like when your cycle first began? Was it celebrated in your family? What was the experience for you? (2:40)

What did you learn about your cycle when you were younger and what do you wish you would have learned? Can relate to your cycle, hormones, sex, pregnancy, anything (12:50)

How has working with your cycle on a deeper level impacted your life so far?(24:40)

What are somethings that you do throughout your cycle or specifically your bleed that support you?(37:18)

Do you have a favorite phase or time in your cycle that you prefer?(50:15)


Products/services/people that guests on the panel use or recommend (You are your own best judge of what your body needs. These are ideas to get you started):